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Happy Orthodontics stands out as your go-to friendly orthodontist, delivering not just excellent results but also exceptional service. With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, we ensure every visit leaves you smiling brighter, backed by our commitment to top-tier care and satisfaction.

Where smiles shine bright with personalized care and top-notch results for all ages

At Happy Orthodontics, we prioritize your comfort and convenience from the start. Enjoy a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs, while we handle insurance billing hassle-free. Plus, our flexible 0% payment plans make achieving your dream smile easy. Count on us for unmatched treatment results and unparalleled customer care.

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Dr. Happy Ghag

Dr. Happy Ghag is a distinguished board-certified orthodontist, bringing a wealth of expertise to the field. With a commitment to excellence, he completed his orthodontic residency at the University of Nevada, showcasing his dedication to advancing his skills. Dr. Ghag's educational journey extends beyond orthodontics; he has excelled as a pharmacist and general dentist. His academic achievements include a Master of Science in Oral Biology, highlighting his comprehensive understanding of dental sciences. 

Beyond his impressive professional background, Dr. Ghag's roots trace back to the farming community of Chilliwack, BC. Growing up amidst the picturesque landscapes of Chilliwack, he developed a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for community values. This upbringing has undoubtedly influenced his approach to patient care, infusing his orthodontic practice with a personalized touch and a commitment to understanding each individual's unique needs. 

Patients at Happy Orthodontics can trust in his expertise, compassionate approach, and dedication to creating confident smiles that go beyond the surface, embodying a true blend of professional excellence and genuine care.


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Our Clinic

At our clinic, we embrace cutting-edge technology to elevate your orthodontic experience. Our state-of-the-art facility boasts 3D digital impression technology, ensuring precise and comfortable assessments of your dental structure. This advanced system replaces traditional molds, offering a more efficient and pleasant process for our patients. 

Additionally, we proudly feature a dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) machine. This technology provides detailed 3D images, aiding our doctors in comprehensive diagnostics and treatment planning. By utilizing CBCT, we enhance precision and tailor our orthodontic solutions to your unique needs. 

Our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation is reflected in our doctors' dedication to adopting the newest technologies. At Happy Orthodontics, you can trust that your orthodontic journey is guided by expertise, precision, and the latest advancements in the field, ensuring optimal results and a positive experience for every patient.

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