What is spacing?



Spacing in dentistry refers to gaps or spaces between teeth.

What is spacing?

Spacing in dentistry refers to gaps or spaces between teeth. These gaps can occur for various reasons, including natural spacing between teeth, missing teeth, or discrepancies in tooth size. At Happy Orthodontics, we address spacing concerns through personalized orthodontic treatments. Braces or Invisalign may be recommended to gradually close gaps and achieve a more aligned, aesthetically pleasing smile. Our specialists assess each case individually to determine the most suitable approach, aiming for optimal functionality and a confident, well-balanced appearance. Early detection and intervention contribute to successful spacing correction.

How do you treat spacing?

Correcting spacing issues typically involves orthodontic interventions to close the gaps between teeth. At Happy Orthodontics, our specialist may recommend braces or Invisalign as part of a personalized treatment plan. These appliances work to gradually shift teeth into their proper positions, closing the spaces and creating a more aligned smile. Regular monitoring ensures adjustments for optimal results. Trust our experienced orthodontist to tailor a plan that enhances both the esthetics and functionality of your smile.

What is spacing?

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